When we hear art making, we think painting is the norm, but we all have certain materials that best fit the content of our work. My good friend Evelyn Chao and I decided to create a book together about our daily fears because there is a significance of how the book acts as a way of containing our memories, history, and personal yet public content that is relatable.

Book of Fears

Books are oftentimes used as a way to escape from everyday stress. And while the book helps us stay distracted, it also helps us confront our conflicts through a safe medium, the book. The act of engaging, reading, and flipping each page is soothing and comforting, and is vulnerable.

walk walk walk along everybody will stare, but What do I do, I’m shy Hu, Oh yes I know, I will cover my boobs

To my Umma. This is not the American Dream we Dreamt of..

I fear that my crazy lovely old baby dog will pass and I won’t be there to hold him in my arms to say goodbye. My only wish is to be there for him when it’s time so he knows my foreverlasting love for him

I Reached Out and You did too, You said you did too with your ginormous hand, But all I felt was your pointy hat, A long nose, your loopy arms, and my favorite colored sweater, was all I felt

Dear Appa,

I never enjoyed going outside; The outside transferred virus to children; Children who did not know how to play did not belong; Around-Me worried about my wellbeing; Did their best to push me outside; So I went out and waved hi and bye; but the only reason why I was outside; was to peacefully come back inside

Dear Man I love, you aren't afraid to eat alone, but why do I feel afraid and that way, when I hear you say, "I'm eating alone"

Can you Please Stay with Me for 90 More Years? All I've got is you